For those who want to be surrounded by nature, not just while snorkeling; but, from the start to finish of your visit to Nobres, the Akaia Lodge is an intelligent option. Tucked in a remote mountain pass along a dirt road in the Cerquinha district 30 kilometers from the village of Bom Jardim getting there is part of the adventure.  On arrival you will be greeted with a welcome drink made from the Akaia fruit juice from which the lodge receives its name, or if you prefer, something stronger.

The family run lodge has four recently built rooms with air conditioning. as well as a dinning area where breakfast is served each morning as well as home cooked meals at lunch and dinner, when included in the package.  The food consists of regional cuisine cooked over a traditional wood stove in an open kitchen just outside the original farmhouse.  The Toca de Quati and Ronco do Bugio Caverns are located on the property, a short walk from the rooms.  There is a trail to a scenic overlook of the Cerquinha Valley, and a 500 meter suspention bridge across the mountain pass is under construction and expected to be finished by the end of July, 2017 as well as a zip line as an option to return to the lodge at the end of the trail.

Toco do Quati e Ronco do Bugio Caverns