Located 12 km from the village of Bom Jardim in Nobres, Mato Grosso, by paved and dirt roads, we arrive at the reception area of the Recanto Ecológico Lagoa Azul where we will encounter the Aquário Encantado (Enchanted Aquarium) & the Rio Salobra (Salobra River).  Here we are fitted with the proper equipment for snorkeling: a mask, snorkel, life jacket and sandals.  After which, we board a tractor-train that takes us 600 meters to the edge of a riparian forest.  Next, we disembark and the adventure begins with an 800 meter trail through the riparian forest where we can observe diverse species of birds and plants, as well as, perhaps, other animal species or their tracks.  We arrive at the Aquário Encantado, a reservoir of crystalline blue water that emerges from mysterious underground springs where we can see some of the 32 species of fishes that have been identified in the springs.   We will have a chance to explore the springs, and immerse ourselves in the mysterious waters with the surrounded by fishes.  Perhaps some of the local residents like the Brown capuchin monkey, cebus apella, will stop by to have their picture taken.  After we have explored the pool, we will continue along the trail for 120 meters to the Salobra River.  Here we will fit ourselves with a mask and snorkel, following the orientation of our local guide.  Under the lush cover of the gallery forest, we will begin our descent of approximately 650 meters floating in the gentle current observing diverse species of fishes and aquatic plants below the surface as well as listening and looking for wildlife in the canopy.  Our local guide will then instruct us o where the takeout point is, and we will follow the trail back to the rendezvous point where we will once again board the tractor train.  In the case that the trip occurs in the morning period, it is not too early to contemplate the delicious meal that will be awaiting us back at the reception area of the Recanto Ecológico Lagoa Azul.  The regional cuisine includes such delicacies as Pacu, a relative of the Piranha, with fried banana and manioc crumbs.