Balneário Estivado
is a swimming area with crystalline waters, schools of fishes, rustic thatched huts, a delicious all-you-can-eat lunch buffet of regional cuisine, and not least importantly, cold beer, or,  uma bem geladinha, as the locals call it.  Located just one kilometer outside the village of Bom Jardim on the route to Cachoeira Serra Azul and Rio Triste, the Balneario Estivado is an almost obligatory stopping point either to have lunch, have a splash in the water and pass the heat of the neo-tropical day, or to reminisce in the afternoon after returning from one of the other excursions.  The location will give you a chance to mingle with frugal-minded locals who take to entering the river on the other side of the road so as to not pay admission, Brazilian families from throughout the country as well as much smaller primates like the Brown Capuchin Monkeys (cebus apella) also procuring refreshments, principally bananas.  Vouchers for admission and lunch can be purchased though the agency, anything cold to drink can be purchased at the bar.