Duto do Quebo is limestone cave sculpted by the Quebo River that travels under a mountain for 280 meters.  The cavern is located 25 km from the village of Bom Jardim in the Cerquinha Region.   Getting there along a steep and winding dirt road is an adventure by itself.  The river trip begins at the reception area where you receive the proper equipment for the descent.  The adventure consists of a 1300 meter descent of the Quebo River by inner tube, in the middle of which you pass under a mountain for 280 meters in a cavern filled with stalactites, gentle rapids & bats all of which are illuminated for us by our fearless local guide.  After passing through the cave the river widens and we continue to float gently down the river under the canopy of the riparian forest to the take out point where we return to the reception area by tractor-train.  On the return trip to the village it is always nice to stop at the Ponte da Pedra (Stone Bridge) for a last refreshing swim and then at the Mesa da Pedra (Stone Table) a sort of Bohemian art garden with the essential ingredient for reminiscing about the day: Cold beer.