The Rio Triste is a river 17 kilometers from the District of Bom Jardim in Nobres, Mato Grosso State.   It´s name, in Portuguese, means the Sad River.  There is nothing sad about the Rio Triste; in fact, most visitors consider it a delightful place.  Have you always dreamed of floating down a crystalline blue river with sparkles of golden light shimmering through the leaves of the pristine riverside forest and reflecting of white sands of the river bottom whilst accompanied by Fresh-water Stingrays?  Well, here is your chance.   The Rio Triste is located in the area of permanent preservation on an active Cattle Ranch.

 You must be accompanied by a Portuguese-speaking local guide, or for those who don’t speak Portuguese, we highly recommend that you purchase a package tour that includes one of our own bilingual guide-interpreters as well as transportation.  The reservation must be made through the agency as you can’t purchase a voucher on site, and the local and bilingual guides don’t stay at the location.   There is no restaurant facility on the premises, so it we recommended you bring snacks and something to drink. Mosquito repellent and Suntan lotion are lot allowed for ecological reasons.  At the rustic reception area you will be outfitted with a mandatory life jacket, sandals, a mask and a snorkel. There are changing facilities and bathrooms on the premises.  Then, after a short trail walk through open fields, there is over 1200 meters of snorkeling with four designated exit points in case of an emergency.   As the Rio Triste is a larger river than the River Salobra, you are likely to see more fish during the snorkel compared to the other snorkeling venues in the region.  Unlike Reino Encantado & Aquario Encantado; however, you will not encounter the natural springs where the river bubbles out of the ground.  Despite this, it is still our top pick for snorkeling in Bom Jardim.  If time allows, we would recommend two snorkeling trips with one at Rio Triste and the other at Aquário Encantado our Reino Encantado.  It is also possible to snorkel at Rio Triste and make a short visit to the springs at one of the other venues.